Mermaid Surface Photoshoot

Capture the experience

So you happened to want mermaid photos but not underwater. That’s not a problem. A Mermaid Surface Photoshoot is the answer!


No prior experience is required

Mermaid Surface Photoshoot: About

We have met people that are not comfortable underwater. But they have always had the dream of becoming a mermaid. Therefore, we offer you a unique and wonderful experience with some of our creative professional photographers. We’ll get you geared up and during two hours, we’ll capture your personal magical mermaid experience.


• Two Hours Photoshoot
• Posing Tips
• Mermaid Accessories
• 15 photos (High Resolution)
• Lycra, monofin or tail.
• Makeup

Mermaid Surface Photoshoot, Mermaid Surface Photoshoot

Can’t decide?

We offer fully custom mermaid expeirences.

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