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I have dived, explored and competed all over the world and yet I believe Bonaire is the best place for freediving in the Americas and top 5 in the world. We have great accessible depth, warm and calm waters all year (far from Hurricane belt), great accommodation options, healthy food options and downtime activities all on one amazing island! But the best unique advantage is that ALL: depth, our school logistics, safety, food options, bed, international airport and fun is in 2km radio…. so easy ” – Carlos Coste


The Mastermind

Take the chance to change your lifestyle. Discover a complete underwater world, explore from shallow waters to the depths in a natural way holding your breath consciously. In our school you can learn from recreational Freediving to high competitive levels in one of the world top blue destinations: Bonaire Island. Our courses are designed for fun-relaxation, snorkelers, adventurers, spearfishers, UW photographers, tactical-survivals, surfers and others. Become aware of how to breath correctly improving your relaxation, control your body and your mind under pressure, gaining inmediately the benefits in your health. Enjoy the ocean closer, in harmony with nature, and marine life.” – Gaby Coste
Managing Director

Carlos Coste

Managing Director

Gaby Coste

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Israel Gil

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