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 First Freediving Center in the Dutch Caribbean. We have implemented a lot of dedication into making this school possible. Join us in a memorable life experience.


Entrepreneur, Dr in Biomechanics, Sport Manager, Producer,  International Judge & Mermaid Instructor

Engineer, researcher and postgraduate Proffesor retired from Central University of Venezuela. She came to Bonaire for making a dream:  Start a Freediving School as part of her support to her exhusband Carlos Coste (12x World Record). They were together 22 years since the beginning of his career, they met in the University when she was doing her PhD. In 2001, she became his manager to help him to organize  Record Event Projects. In that time, Freediving was almost unknown sport being very difficult to find financial and Media support. She used her Scientific management skills to prepare brochure presentation and convince Companies for financial support. She wrote Press Releases after every competition or Record Attempt to get Media attention. They worked as a big team. He was training very hard to be ready to break records every year, she was organizing everything to make succesful Events.

They made the impossible, they were pioneers, they made history together, they were a great team. They organized amazing events.  They created the 1st Freediving PADI&AIDA Center in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately life can change very quick. After few years struggling with troubles, they divorced on August 2021  and also start separation of the Company.

DEEPSEA Freediving will continue operating with a new team, we will focus on Basic courses and Mermaid Experiences. Coste will create a new Company to continue teaching advance Courses.  (Coming soon).


DEEPSEA team will centre on you to create a life experience to start your inner exploration on the underwater world.

Social Media:  https://www.instagram.com/deepseabonaire/


Take the chance to change your lifestyle. Discover a complete underwater world, explore from shallow waters to the depths in a natural way holding your breath consciously. In our school you can learn from recreational Freediving to high competitive levels in one of the world top blue destinations: Bonaire Island. Our courses are designed for fun-relaxation, snorkelers, adventurers, spearfishers, UW photographers, tactical-survivals, surfers and others. Become aware of how to breath correctly improving your relaxation, control your body and your mind under pressure, gaining immediately the benefits in your health. Enjoy the ocean closer, in harmony with nature, and marine life.” – Gaby Contreras


Managing Director

Gaby Contreras

Freediving Instructor

Satonya McNeal

Mermaid Instructor

Melanie Rozestraten

Mermaid Instructor

Neza Toplak

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