Welcome to Mermaid Bonaire the first Mermaid School in the Dutch Caribbean.
If you have ever dreamed of swimming like a mermaid or merman you should join our mermaid workshops for kids and adults. Mermaid Bonaire where a fantasy becomes true!!!

  MERMaid experience

Mermaiding is a new activity that combines the magic to  swim with a mermaid tail (or monofin). This activity has exploded in popularity in the last years. Girls, boys, men and women across the planet are enjoying the new experience to swim with monofins and colorful mermaid tails.

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Your instructor and photographer: Gaby Coste
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  MERMAID photos & video

Take a professional mermaid photoshoot A lot of people love to see mermaids underwater. Book a photo session with us or ask for a video to be made with Mermaid Bonaire’s amazing equipment and tails.

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