Theory Sessions

In this Course you will learn how to train like a freediver to improve yourself, achieving new levels, also you will dive deeper into the knowledge of your physiology, which allow us to reach impresive depths & adaptations.  Now you will start to understand how to expand, how to boost your capabilities & performances in safe and progresive way.


  • Freedive physiology
  • Equalization: improve your technique
  • Hyperventilation: disadvantages, analysis
  • Barotrauma, causes and prevention
  • Lungs: volumens, pressure
  • Lung Barotrauma (Lung Squeeze), prevention, symtoms
  • Buoyancy, free falling
  • Hypoxia, Black Out and concepts
  • Training: warm ups, maximun attempt,  tables
  • Mammalian dive response

AIDA3 include 3 theory sessions, video technique analisys and exam..


Pool Sessions

This Course include 2 pool sessions, and yoga / pranayama practices. Pranayama and yoga exercises are fundamentals to improve your breathing performance, relaxation skills and adaptation to new depths. The safety procedures and buddy system will be practiced as well.

Training Tables: you will perform a training table where you feel the CO2 & Lactic Acid increase. That experience and the Theory Class about training conpects will help you to understand and design your own training tables to gradually adapt your body to tolerate higher CO2 levels and improve your O2 efficient use. The training tables are fundamental keys for your performance evolution.  

Maximun Performance: your instructor will show you how to warm up and set your new maximun performances in Static Apnea (STA) and Dynamic (DYN). AIDA3 Course minimun requirements are STA: 2min 45sec and DYN: 55m with fins.


Open Water Sessions

This is the AIDA Intermediate Level Freedive Course. It include 4 Open Water (depth) training sessions where you will develop skills like: set a proper neutral buoyancy for your dives, energy managing during your dives, free falling. Improving: duck dive, finning, posture, equalization technique,  lanyard use and breathing cycle. Learn how to improve your flexibility and how to move in the depths to keep relaxed to avoid lung squeeze are key points in this Course as well. You will learn how to do the safety dives for your partner and manage a possible BO.

You will learn how to warm up for Maximun Performance, trying CWT dives between 24-30m depths. The 4 OW sessions include Free Inmersion (FIM) and Constant Weight (CWT) practices. Each session last 75-12minutes, depending how many students we have in your group. Las sesiones incluyen prácticas de modalidades como inmersión libre y peso constante. During this course you will achieve new comfort & confidence levels enjoying the free falls.

safety freediver deepseachallenge

Course Structure

Sample AIDA 3 Star Course Schedule

Day 1:

08:30 – Welcome, Paperwork & Theory 1

10:30 – Yoga warm up & Pool 1

12:15 – Lunch Break

15:30 – Pool 2

19:30 – Theory 2

Day 2:

09:00 – Yoga/Pranayama, Depth Session 1

12:00 – Lunch Break

15:00 – Depth Session 2

19:00 – Theory 3

Day 3:

08:30 – Yoga/Pranayama & Depth 3 & 4

12:30 – Lunch Break

15:30 – Theory Exam & Review

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