The very First Professional Freediving school in the Caribbean
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freediving activities

We have dozens of courses in different certifications. This is the core of our freediving activities. If you wish to learn more about them check them out or send us an email to info@deepseabonaire.com

freediving activities

Apart from courses, our focus as a school is to provide an opportunity for locals and visitors to participate in events dedicated to the awareness of ocean conservation and sport. If you wish to learn more visit our about us section.

freediving activities

Join our partners, Kiteboarding Bonaire, the first kiteschool in the Caribbean with over 20 years of experience.

Class schedule

We bring out the best in each of our members unleashing the athlete within. Our world-class coaches are deeply committed to empowering members to achieve their fitness goals. Our programs are based on proven results that challenge participants. Follow our schedule to learn more about our freediving activities, courses & more.

Book a course before April 30th and get a training session with Carlos Coste

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