Freedive Coaching

Learn directly from World Record Freediver Carlos Coste (the first below -100m in Constant Weight and FIM). Carlos will guide you through the different techniques, training and exercises to improve your performance and fitness for freediving. 

Join us in Bonaire, for the best freedive training center in The Caribbean the best Freediving destination  to push your limits!



  • Depth Training Sessions 
  • Dynamic Training Sessions
  • Video Technique Analysis
  • Yoga, Lung Stretching, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Gym Sessions
  • Nutrition tips
  • Basic & Advanced Equalization training
  • Variable Weight dives
  • Online coaching package




Yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) will help you optimize your lung capacity, allowing you to freedive deeper and longer.


Practicing the Frenzel technique, mouth fill and lung stretching will make equalization efficient and new depths possible.








Photo by Wesharebonaire


Why Bonaire?

Bonaire, part of the Dutch Caribbean, is the perfect place for freediving.  Located in the Southern Caribbean, this tropical paradise has clear, calm waters, easily accessible depth, comfortable water temperatures, wonderful coral reefs and colorful formations.

Large supermarkets near downtown make finding healthy food easy.  Safety is ensured with a hyperbaric chamber & hospital located on the island.  

Getting to the island is easy with direct flights from Europe, USA and Latin America. From Europe, direct flights depart from Amsterdam, Netherlands.  From USA, direct flights depart from New York (Newark), New York; Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida.  Daily flights from Curacao and Aruba are also available.  For more information about flights check out our recommendations here

More details can be found on the Bonaire’s Tourist Information Website.