Professional Freediving, COACHING


Learn directly from World Record Freediver Carlos Coste (the first man to reach below -100m in Constant Weight and FIM). Carlos will guide you through the different techniques, training, and exercises to improve your performance and fitness for freediving.


Join us in Bonaire, for the best professional freediving training center in The Caribbean

the best Freediving destination to push your limits!

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We have all been there. You have managed to get a hold of freediving and yet, you feel the need for professional guidance. Someone experienced enough to tell you about situations in which you feel you are but are difficult to explain.


In Freediving, the workflow is very personal and requires for each of us to understand our bodies on the next level.


Lucky for you, Carlos Coste has created a custom training system that tackles freediving on many different areas.


They involve cardio, depth and dynamic training, yoga, meditation, nutrition, equalization and more. Come to Bonaire, enquire coaching sessions here and add 20 years of freediving experience to your repertoire of skills.

Depth Training

Carlos will guide through every step, with our permanent depth spots including our platform so you can tackle any type of depth.

Dynamic Training

Join Carlos with custom dynamic training sessions at our majestic natural swimming pool on Bonaire

Technique Analysis

Review your technique with Professional video analysis and correct them instantly


Lung Stretching - Pranayama - Meditation

Gym Sessions

Join Carlos Gym sessions and learn how does a legend in freediving prepares for ultimate challenges


Learn the power of Crossfit training to prepare your body for ultimate conditions


One of the pillars to freediving, learn from basics to more complex advanced Equalization techniques

Online Coaching



  • Depth Training Sessions
  • Dynamic Training Sessions
  • Video Technique Analysis
  • Yoga, Lung Stretching, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Gym Sessions
  • Nutrition tips
  • Basic & Advanced Equalization training
  • Variable Weight dives
  • Online coaching package

‘One of the more complete and professional freediving schools in the Caribbean’ – Tomoka Fukuda






I have dived, explored and competed all over the world and yet I believe Bonaire is the best place for freediving in the Americas and top 5 in the world. We have great accessible depth, warm and calm waters all year (far from Hurricane belt), great accommodation options, healthy food options and downtime activities all on one amazing island! But the best unique advantage is that ALL: depth, our school logistics, safety, food options, bed, international airport and fun is in 2km radio…. so easy ” – Carlos Coste

Professional Freediving, COACHING


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