Planning on reaching bonaire, but having a hard time finding a good deal?

There are many ways that make reaching Bonaire simple and accessible.
Here we will advise you the best cost-effective ways to connect to the island

(update May 2017 – Special flight offer from Amsterdam to Bonaire for just €399.-)

Flying from Latin America

Bonaire does not have direct flights from South America. However, you can fly to Curacao (CUR)  or Aruba (AUA) and take a  flight connection to Bonaire Airport (BON).

Our Advice is to  purchase two tickets:

Flying from North America

Direct flights from USA are available with United Airlines from Newark and Houston (Saturday).
Delta Airlines has direct flights from Atlanta. It is also possible to fly via Aruba or Curaçao to Bonaire (Saturday).

A good option as well is to buy a ticket to Curaçao (CUR) or Aruba (AUA), and another ticket to connect to Bonaire (BON).

Our advice is to take your connection with:
Curaçao – Bonaire flying with Dividivi Air or Insel Air.

Aruba – Bonaire with Aruba Airlines

Flying from Europe

TUI Airlines
or KLM Airlines.
Amsterdam the best gateway connection to take from other European Countries.

When reaching Bonaire, there are hundreds of beautiful places you can choose when staying on the island, we recommend the following options:

*For Special deals send a request to the organizer at, subject: “Special Deals”.

Deepsea Bonaire Accommodation Options:

We are currently booking accommodation on houses near the competition area for athletes and visitors. At the moment we have the following available:

Room For rent

(Shared with Competitors/safety)

Price per person $350.-

14-24 September (10 nights)

If interested please send an email with subject: Room for rent to